Health Risks of Owning a Yorkie and Her Puppies
Published on November 15 2022 3 views

Health Risks of Owning a Yorkie and Her Puppies

Yorkie and her puppies

While buying a Yorkie may be an exciting experience, it's important to be aware of certain health risks. For instance, some breeds are prone to allergies. The best way to ensure your Yorkie is healthy is to visit the vet regularly. Not only will she receive vaccinations and regular brushing, but she will also be checked for common diseases. In addition, you should also consider obtaining pet health insurance for your beloved pooch.

Many famous people have had Yorkies, including President Nixon and his family. They've also been the pets of Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Kirsten Dunst, and Natalie Portman. Even television host Simon Cowell owns three Yorkies. A Yorkie is a sweet, adorable, and cuddly companion.

Despite being a small, indoor dog, Yorkies cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. They may need a dog jacket in cold weather, and you should give them plenty of water to stay hydrated. Yorkies don't sweat like humans, so watch out for symptoms of heat exhaustion or dehydration.

Pregnant Yorkies require gentle care. They must have a whelping box that is big enough for the mother and puppies. It should be a place where the mother can lay down comfortably. During pregnancy, Yorkies may get restless and may cry in pain. While puppies are typically born within the first two hours of gestation, they can come up to two hours apart.