How to Train a Two Week Old Yorkie Puppy
Published on November 15 2022 1 views

How to Train a Two Week Old Yorkie Puppy

Todd with a 2 week old Yorkie Puppy

Todd and his wife bought a Yorkie puppy for more than $6,000 and got VIP care and training. A few days later, the puppy developed a mild cough. The family took it to the veterinarian recommended by Petland. Unfortunately, the puppy's condition did not improve. The family had to euthanize their new puppy.

First, Yorkies should be trained to walk on a leash. This process can take a week, and you should use a harness rather than a collar. It is best to introduce the transition gradually, using positive reinforcement. The first few days can be difficult, and you can expect your puppy to exhibit a bit of fighter instinct.

Another common problem is a puppy's tendency to chew on things. It is important to keep in mind that teething is a relatively short period. Teething teeth will fall out after about three months, and adult teeth will begin to grow. During this time, the puppy will chew on anything it can get its mouth on, including electrical cords. If this is a problem, consider using a cord concealer.

A two-week-old Yorkie Puppy's first two weeks are crucial. The puppy's mouth is small, so it's important to use toys that are the right size and texture. For example, toys with small nobs or twisted fabric are great for scratching gums. During this time, the puppy might not be able to nurse on its own, so it may need a bottle.