3 Week Old Yorkie Puppies
Published on November 15 2022 2 views

3 Week Old Yorkie Puppies

3 week old yorkie puppies

Whether you are planning to adopt a 3 week old Yorkie puppy or keep it as a pet, there are some things that you should know before you do so. Puppies at this age are still considered puppies, and you should start housebreaking and training at this time. Keep in mind that they still need a second round of parvo shots and a complete checkup. You should also start teaching your new pet how to walk on a leash.

It's important to remember that puppies at this age are still in the "fear period," and it's normal for them to react with fearfulness to new situations. Anything that scares them can have lasting effects, so try to avoid overstimulating them. This is a normal phase of development, and socialization will help counteract these fear reactions.

Another important thing to remember is to monitor your puppies' weight. It's important for your pup to latch on to the largest nipples during feeding. Also, if you see your puppy whimpering, that means they are hungry, and may need more attention during feeding. If your puppy is nursing, position her near the tail of their mom, where she can provide her with the highest amount of milk.

After a couple weeks, your Yorkie puppy should have open eyes and be exploring the world around it. As a breed that depends on its mother for nutrition, it's crucial to feed her quality dog food. This way, she will be able to provide the right nutrition to her puppies while the mother takes care of her newborns.