Baby's Fart Surprises Dog
Published on October 22 2022 653 views

This hilarious video shows the moment a baby's fart surprises a dog! The mom spies that the baby is about to poop and encourages her little boy to let loose. The dog runs off as the poop hits the baby's diaper. Then, the baby's mom looks up and sees that the dog isn't faring so well. While some infants have an extremely strong fart scent from the beginning, it's perfectly normal and often harmless. As a new parent, it's important to pay attention to these farts as they are perfectly normal for your baby. It's a great way to bond with your child beyond the physical contact and feeding. Plus, nursing your baby is good for their digestive system, and it can pass along nutrients from your body. Fortunately, there's something you can do about the smelly farts. Some babies have trouble digesting regular formula, and their farts can have a strong smell. You can check the ingredients in the formula to find out if they're causing the smell. Also, you should pay attention to foods your baby is eating, since some foods are more likely to trigger a odory fart. When a newborn baby is first born, their digestive system isn't fully developed, and so they have a hard time digesting some foods. It's also difficult for their tiny intestines to produce the probiotics required for regular digestion. As a result, they produce gas and fart more frequently than they should.

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