Newborn Yorkies 5 days old
Published on October 24 2022 3.5 K views

Newborn Yorkie puppies are vulnerable and rely on their mother for nutrition. The main tasks for a new Yorkie puppy owner are to provide a safe and secure environment and to give the puppy plenty of food and water. Puppies must also be given time to explore their surroundings. You should also teach them where to go to eliminate waste and teach them to stop urinating in public areas. During the first few weeks of life, a newborn Yorkie pup should double its weight. This is because it needs more calories than a normal puppy. It's important to track your puppy's weight to ensure proper nutrition. You can also ask your vet about the proper feeding amount. It's important to monitor the puppy's weight and to make sure that it's latching on to full nipples. If the puppy is whimpering or crying, it might be hungry. Be sure to give your puppy more attention when it is feeding. You can also position puppies near the tail of their mother, which will give them the most milk. Newborn Yorkie puppies need lots of attention and care. While they still rely on their mother for most of their needs, you can start giving them toys. It's also time to begin weaning.

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