Sequin and Pistol yorkie puppies
Published on October 26 2022 13.9 K views

Amber Heard is fighting to keep Johnny Depp away from her puppy, Pistol. She filed a restraining order against Johnny, but the judge denied her request to keep Johnny away from the tiny Yorkshire terrier. Amber and Johnny have two Yorkshire terriers - Pistol, who was given to her by artist Tasya Van Ree, and Boo, who was Johnny's. But in court documents, Amber and Depp mention only one of the dogs. The two actors were caught in Australia in July, and prosecutors accused them of smuggling the two Yorkshire terriers onto the country's soil. They allegedly imported the dogs on Johnny Depp's private jet and lied about the breed's origin. The actor pleaded guilty to falsifying a document to bring the dogs into the country. As a result of this, he could face up to $63,000 in fines and 11 years in prison. While the Yorkie breed is a popular choice for many dog owners, there are a few things you should know before choosing a puppy. These small dogs are hypoallergenic and extremely durable. Their fur is more similar to human hair than animal fur, and they make wonderful watchdogs. These tersters have a unique personality and will provide many years of companionship, love, and laughter.

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