Yorkie eats baby's foot! :-O
Published on October 26 2022 7.4 K views

If your Yorkie has started eating your baby's foot, it may be due to stress. Dogs are instinctively protective of their young and may eat their puppies if they feel threatened. However, most dogs don't like being grabbed by babies or little children. It's also bad for older dogs to be pulled around by young children. The puppy was still a few weeks old when the incident took place, but a small puppy would take at least an hour to chew an infant's foot. The puppy is now quarantined for 10 days. Its future is unclear. Once the puppy has been released from the hospital, the child will be placed in a foster home until a case against the parents has been decided. The incident caused a massive wound on the baby's foot, but it was not life-threatening. Although the baby is bruised and scraped, there is no lasting damage. You can prevent the dog from biting your baby by setting clear boundaries for both of you. It's also important not to give the dog access to the baby's sleeping area. The baby girl's parents are charged with child desertion and criminal negligence. They are being held in Bossier Parish Jail pending a court date. Their baby is currently in stable condition at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

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